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About Me

Hey there - Merpix here!

I do graphic design in (almost) every kind of fashion.

Logos, Renders, Banners - basically anything you could wish for!

Become NITRO member for free items!

Become NITRO member for free items! ⋆

I also take commissions!

General Commissions

Logos, Banners, Profile Pictures, Background or Renderings - Whatever you desire can and will be done with the base being your commission.

VRChat Commissions

VRC+ Icons, Custom Emojis, Banners, Logos and edits of your taken pictures - you need it, i do it! The only thing you have to do is to get in touch!

But wait... there's more!

VRChat Package

What you can get:

  • Vrc+ Profile Pic
  • Vrc+ Banner
  • Vrc+ Emojis
  • Edit of a render
  • Edit of a pic u took

Discord Package

What you can get:

  • Profile Pic
  • Banner
  • Logos
  • Discord Server Icons

Avatar Package

What you can get:

  • Edit of your render and/or picture
  • Showcase pic edit
  • Small Info Banners for your Payhip or Gumroad (example: Info, Credits etc.)

Choose between the three essential Packages

To get these packs, go to my discord and fill out a ticket form under "commission-me" and tell me exaclty what you would like. Please be sure to have all the pictures i need ready!

I also make music!